Sunday, December 27, 2009

Which path?

Just like any path of any graduated SPM students, we'll be hunting for colleges and scholarships and stuff.. As for me,it was still uncertain till the past days, I've decided on the path that needs to be chosen.. Besides, going for pre-U, I'm gonna go ahead for diploma in aircraft maintenence.. Thus, leaving behind the 50% scholarship from Inti that I've worked hard for.. Turns out, the specific course I wanted could be found in Nilai UC and the also the nearest.

That's what happen when we have an undecisive mind..hmmph..
.The scholarship letter from Inti
So i'll have to move on with the plans that's made.. That means, I'm gonna have 5 months!! of time and wasting it is not an option. I will soon be updating alot of bout what I've learn,exciting or

Ah, the only camera i can still u is my lousy china phone but well, i'll have to stick to it these days

Till next time everyone =)

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