Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas I was longing..

Christmas !! Well, this year had been more that I can have..the experience, the trials and the blessings, I knew there was a greater provision ahead of me and I'm certainly wanting to grasp hold of it..

I'm probably gonna summarize the entire year into the contents here.. It would be insane for me to just pour everything out, it could take Before I start, I would like to emphasize on one thing about this post, I'm not being EMO =)

Just like everyone else, resolutions will be one of the life-driven things that keeps us excited and eager maybe? Too bad most of us takes it lightly and after a short period of time, it fades away and the purpose of having it ended up in vain.
Nevertheless, I still went ahead with several resolutions I had in mind.

To be honest, what I wanted wasn't any material stuff or any new drum kit which I probably wanted so much.. All I wanted is to draw close to God like never before and thus grow with Him, to love Him and definitely be realistic in my walk with Him.. So the journey begins in 2009..

Besides making changes, one thing I learned is to say NO to certain things and focus on what God has for me, it concentrates my energy and is even better than doing a 1000 stuff.. It was really really tough and requires never-ending commitment. I also got to learn more about my weaknesses and so on, to DIE to myself and let Christ work in me, to DEPEND on the Lord more, to WAIT on the Lord for His own time, and many more.. Pretty ambitious? I thought so.. But it says even in the Bible that everything has its own time, each trial for its own purpose of molding and training sumthing like that..

Out of all that I've said, only a little percentage was Well, this year has been tough and I've grown a little.. Overall, I admit I've failed over and over again.. But again, God has been ever faithful, never failing by His Word.. Really, I'm grateful for it.

I realize there were much things said about me behind my back (not gossips), things that reflect my personal attitude without me being cautions about it.. Abit dissapointed but well, I can't do anything or whatsoever. Recent incidents has brought me pretty low in spirit and it's a battle I have to face it I guess.

Anyways, no matter what the circumtances or incidents, i know 2010 is gonna be a totally different challenge and I hope that all would stand firm and persevere in all trials =)

Happy New Year everyone =)

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