Friday, December 18, 2009

The where and who

6 DAYs to Christmas !! Yeap,can't wait..

From morning to afternoon, got busy helping mom with the big dinner for tonite, cooking, ripping, boiling, chopping, cutting, slicing, washing, pouring, tasting? lol

Later in the day, was goin to head to Calvin's house aka Jan Calvin, great drummer and the friendliest guy you can long to meet..just havin a little practise for songs for his open house..I understood that his drums were awesome but a 4K Evans snare,
After setting up and stuff, finally got to practise but then this guy, Joe Vin..had a little difficulties co-ordinating his solo but overall it should be ok

Then it came nite and the 1st thing I hear from my mom is not enough food or meat coz there were too many a big fuss about it and when we came home..yikes and I was shouting with laughter
"Not enough FOOD???"..
Yep, there was 3 types of chicken, few vegetables, noodles and more and i learned my mom didn't know bout it untill we got home..This is the 1st time I never got too I'll jus whack =)

In the meantime, I got to spend time with relatives on my mom's side.. Great family and fun to mingle with, plus I have a cousin whose purely from the US since he was borned there, nice guy and much to talk could see our family have something in common..guess what?
Small eyes..haha

End of the day and its gonna be a long long day tomorrow !

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