Monday, January 25, 2010


Don't feel like blogging when there is no pictures I can take...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

In the process..

Juts as the title says so, we are always in the process of something.. working? studying? Anything that requires sacrifice and effort. As for me, the first month of this year is indeed going slow for me. Most of my pierces has already been catching up in alot of things and I think I'm still that mama's boy.. I think.. Nevertheless, I'll take that precious time to learn more and more. Just to continually renew and dig deeper into what the Lord has for me. To do so, it's my responsibility or will to come to Him. Pretty simple but i'll have to admit that our minds will always be playing around with us, just somehow increased neuro activities, other words, WORRY.

Yeah, most people do think I'm calm, patient, what-so-ever, but I'm still human and weaknesses is a part of our nature. Little issues like this technically gets me into the "How to..." questions, in the end, it becomes a setback to really trust Jesus that He is the Prince of Peace. As far as I'm concern, there r some friends whose their lifes are just as much difficult, most likely regarding to financ, thus working their butts off and I'm still in the comfort zone. To be honest, I wished I could have been their shoes to really work out my salvation through hardships, rather than have this wealth. Nevertheless, these blessings are for a purpose and maybe my training here on earth is different from everyone else, just to mould us into what we are supposed to be.

Phew, still, had a wonderful time with alot of family events this early month. Dinners, reunions and wedding from my cousin, aiya.. Forgot to upload pictures. =) But U can click the link to my FB and see some.

This week will be a challenge for me then. And to U reading this, continue to experience more and more and more that U possibly can this year.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

The long awaited New Year


Yes, It's the arrival of a new year and a new chapter ahead.. I believe first of all, the Lord has His plans and purpose for us and it's up to us to seek and work out our salvation to discover bits of it.

As usual, got to start the year with not just one but 5 spots of fireworks to see as I was at a high ground.. Plus with my so handsome and beautiful cousins, lol.. It was always a joy to gather with them, all the fun and craziness, I couldn't as for more =)

This week, I had much to learn about my weaknesses and how stuborn am I.. It's pretty much a incident that I'll never forget and almost cost the relationship with my sisters..well, frightening I can say.. But it's all ok now =)

For now, I'm still having to make alot of choices and some long term and some short term.. But overall, I'm already feeling the excitement and thrill to meet those challenges and people..

A few things I get to work out on
1. My body
2. My skills in music (vocals and drumming)
3. Gettin to meet more young people than I thought
4. Finding a new handphone.. (I've been using mine for 4 years and you would't believe the pain my hp had to go
5. ?

Lol.. Well, do expect more from this blog and it's just not about me, it's also about the people I deal with =) And do too expect a great year and outcomes !


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Which path?

Just like any path of any graduated SPM students, we'll be hunting for colleges and scholarships and stuff.. As for me,it was still uncertain till the past days, I've decided on the path that needs to be chosen.. Besides, going for pre-U, I'm gonna go ahead for diploma in aircraft maintenence.. Thus, leaving behind the 50% scholarship from Inti that I've worked hard for.. Turns out, the specific course I wanted could be found in Nilai UC and the also the nearest.

That's what happen when we have an undecisive mind..hmmph..
.The scholarship letter from Inti
So i'll have to move on with the plans that's made.. That means, I'm gonna have 5 months!! of time and wasting it is not an option. I will soon be updating alot of bout what I've learn,exciting or

Ah, the only camera i can still u is my lousy china phone but well, i'll have to stick to it these days

Till next time everyone =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas I was longing..

Christmas !! Well, this year had been more that I can have..the experience, the trials and the blessings, I knew there was a greater provision ahead of me and I'm certainly wanting to grasp hold of it..

I'm probably gonna summarize the entire year into the contents here.. It would be insane for me to just pour everything out, it could take Before I start, I would like to emphasize on one thing about this post, I'm not being EMO =)

Just like everyone else, resolutions will be one of the life-driven things that keeps us excited and eager maybe? Too bad most of us takes it lightly and after a short period of time, it fades away and the purpose of having it ended up in vain.
Nevertheless, I still went ahead with several resolutions I had in mind.

To be honest, what I wanted wasn't any material stuff or any new drum kit which I probably wanted so much.. All I wanted is to draw close to God like never before and thus grow with Him, to love Him and definitely be realistic in my walk with Him.. So the journey begins in 2009..

Besides making changes, one thing I learned is to say NO to certain things and focus on what God has for me, it concentrates my energy and is even better than doing a 1000 stuff.. It was really really tough and requires never-ending commitment. I also got to learn more about my weaknesses and so on, to DIE to myself and let Christ work in me, to DEPEND on the Lord more, to WAIT on the Lord for His own time, and many more.. Pretty ambitious? I thought so.. But it says even in the Bible that everything has its own time, each trial for its own purpose of molding and training sumthing like that..

Out of all that I've said, only a little percentage was Well, this year has been tough and I've grown a little.. Overall, I admit I've failed over and over again.. But again, God has been ever faithful, never failing by His Word.. Really, I'm grateful for it.

I realize there were much things said about me behind my back (not gossips), things that reflect my personal attitude without me being cautions about it.. Abit dissapointed but well, I can't do anything or whatsoever. Recent incidents has brought me pretty low in spirit and it's a battle I have to face it I guess.

Anyways, no matter what the circumtances or incidents, i know 2010 is gonna be a totally different challenge and I hope that all would stand firm and persevere in all trials =)

Happy New Year everyone =)

Friday, December 18, 2009

The where and who

6 DAYs to Christmas !! Yeap,can't wait..

From morning to afternoon, got busy helping mom with the big dinner for tonite, cooking, ripping, boiling, chopping, cutting, slicing, washing, pouring, tasting? lol

Later in the day, was goin to head to Calvin's house aka Jan Calvin, great drummer and the friendliest guy you can long to meet..just havin a little practise for songs for his open house..I understood that his drums were awesome but a 4K Evans snare,
After setting up and stuff, finally got to practise but then this guy, Joe Vin..had a little difficulties co-ordinating his solo but overall it should be ok

Then it came nite and the 1st thing I hear from my mom is not enough food or meat coz there were too many a big fuss about it and when we came home..yikes and I was shouting with laughter
"Not enough FOOD???"..
Yep, there was 3 types of chicken, few vegetables, noodles and more and i learned my mom didn't know bout it untill we got home..This is the 1st time I never got too I'll jus whack =)

In the meantime, I got to spend time with relatives on my mom's side.. Great family and fun to mingle with, plus I have a cousin whose purely from the US since he was borned there, nice guy and much to talk could see our family have something in common..guess what?
Small eyes..haha

End of the day and its gonna be a long long day tomorrow !

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yeap, a new day and always thinking of alot of stuff as usual..what to do,what to eat and so on..

Besides that, Each day I learn more about personalities and interest of this generation.. Well, it's vast and it's definitely gonna be more wild =)

And I'm still tryin to buy one thing that's useful since I'm not into fashion and latest trends.. A tension meter or a double-bass pedal perhaps? (for the drums)