Saturday, January 2, 2010

The long awaited New Year


Yes, It's the arrival of a new year and a new chapter ahead.. I believe first of all, the Lord has His plans and purpose for us and it's up to us to seek and work out our salvation to discover bits of it.

As usual, got to start the year with not just one but 5 spots of fireworks to see as I was at a high ground.. Plus with my so handsome and beautiful cousins, lol.. It was always a joy to gather with them, all the fun and craziness, I couldn't as for more =)

This week, I had much to learn about my weaknesses and how stuborn am I.. It's pretty much a incident that I'll never forget and almost cost the relationship with my sisters..well, frightening I can say.. But it's all ok now =)

For now, I'm still having to make alot of choices and some long term and some short term.. But overall, I'm already feeling the excitement and thrill to meet those challenges and people..

A few things I get to work out on
1. My body
2. My skills in music (vocals and drumming)
3. Gettin to meet more young people than I thought
4. Finding a new handphone.. (I've been using mine for 4 years and you would't believe the pain my hp had to go
5. ?

Lol.. Well, do expect more from this blog and it's just not about me, it's also about the people I deal with =) And do too expect a great year and outcomes !


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