Sunday, January 10, 2010

In the process..

Juts as the title says so, we are always in the process of something.. working? studying? Anything that requires sacrifice and effort. As for me, the first month of this year is indeed going slow for me. Most of my pierces has already been catching up in alot of things and I think I'm still that mama's boy.. I think.. Nevertheless, I'll take that precious time to learn more and more. Just to continually renew and dig deeper into what the Lord has for me. To do so, it's my responsibility or will to come to Him. Pretty simple but i'll have to admit that our minds will always be playing around with us, just somehow increased neuro activities, other words, WORRY.

Yeah, most people do think I'm calm, patient, what-so-ever, but I'm still human and weaknesses is a part of our nature. Little issues like this technically gets me into the "How to..." questions, in the end, it becomes a setback to really trust Jesus that He is the Prince of Peace. As far as I'm concern, there r some friends whose their lifes are just as much difficult, most likely regarding to financ, thus working their butts off and I'm still in the comfort zone. To be honest, I wished I could have been their shoes to really work out my salvation through hardships, rather than have this wealth. Nevertheless, these blessings are for a purpose and maybe my training here on earth is different from everyone else, just to mould us into what we are supposed to be.

Phew, still, had a wonderful time with alot of family events this early month. Dinners, reunions and wedding from my cousin, aiya.. Forgot to upload pictures. =) But U can click the link to my FB and see some.

This week will be a challenge for me then. And to U reading this, continue to experience more and more and more that U possibly can this year.


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